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Default Re: DAR: Italy vs. GB - North Africa 6/40

Turn 6

Alpha is bracing itself for the enemy attack, but they are moving slowly, glacier slow. They are still about 300m out at the closest with tanks trailing out about 500m. My bombers might make it in time to avoid a danger close strike. In the meantime, I'm hitting any infantry that appears in the area with machine guns and tanks. Zulu tanks are helping, but the enemy finally got around to raining steel. My count was 12 troops of 25-pdrs, but I might be off at touch. They scored Zulu's HQ tank. The enemy had three squads ripped in return.

Bravo is pretty much doing the same thing as Alpha, without the looming threat of Matilda II tanks. The spent their time also firing at infantry and capped an armored car by assault. Some A10s pushed into one of the gullies and are trying to move forward.

Down at the salient, Echo, Foxtrot and the support company traded fire with enemy units. The enemy took the worst end of it. While they have more armor support, it isn't helping much right now. They lost an armored car, a Bren carrier and another Dingo. The same squad that got a Dingo by assault got this one as well. Further south, ATGs got another armored car. There are a few tanks moving around, but nothing real dangerous, so my armored cars came out to join the mix. My four mortar sections hit and they were all on target. They accounted for the Bren carrier, plus a lot of infantry.


Friendly: 1xM11/39 tank destroyed. Estimated 5 casualties.

Enemy: 2xRolls Royce A/Cs, 1xDaimler Dingo and 1xBren Carrier destroyed. Estimated 25 casualties.

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