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Default Re: DAR: Italy vs. GB - North Africa 6/40

Turn 7

Fighting is picking up along the north edge. Enemy tanks are getting close. Mine took a few shots and the Matilda IIs destroyed two of mine in response. My M11/39 tanks just aren't up to the task dealing with the slow moving monsters. The only thing that seems slower than those are my bombers. They are still two turns out and I have to hope they are on target. If they can thin the enemy numbers, maybe I can hold. There is a lot of small arms firing going on as well. At least I'm holding the enemy infantry pretty much at bay. Enemy artillery is still pounding the same area. Friendly tanks have pretty much bugged out one way or another.

Bravo is also feeling pressure, but mostly infantry. Several enemy squads have been turned. Three enemy A10s followed by infantry and a Matilda I are pushing west in a gully. They will be running into my infantry shortly. I can't get any shots with my tanks because they enemy is in the gully, so I'm moving a few up.

Things are hot and heavy down at the salient, but I'm fairing much better there. With mortar rounds raining down on the enemy infantry and armor support somewhat thin, they aren't making progress. Not counting Bren Carriers, they have three M13s, two Matilda Is and an armored car. ATGs took out three Bren Carriers and an armored car and my engineers destroyed another Bren Carrier by assault. The down side is more enemy trucks and tanks are coming up. This next group does have Matilda IIs with it.

Charlie and Delta companies are feeling kind of neglected right now. They aren't in contact with anyone and can't easily shift to either flank to help right now. There are four truck mounted 2-pdrs heading toward them, but machine guns should handle them easily.


Friendly: 2xM11/39 tank destroyed. Estimated 5 casualties.

Enemy: 1xRolls Royce A/Cs and 4xBren Carrier destroyed. Estimated 25 casualties.
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