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Default Re: DAR: Italy vs. GB - North Africa 6/40

Turn 8

Up north, I had Alpha's left flank platoon pop smoke after I lost a tank to a Matilda II last turn. They are just about out of smoke because they used it to screen the move of the tanks into the gully earlier. The enemy seems to be trying to south shift around the infantry. One Matilida I moved into the smoke and got capped by my tanks on the other side. I would have been happier if it had been one of the Matilda IIs. There are six in this area and I have only three tanks there. One of my ATGs on the plateau was able to punch a hole in an A10, for what it is worth. Infantry fighting has been heavy, with the enemy still taking the worst of it. I've got light mortar fire coming in to button up the enemy tanks.

I lost two tanks in Bravo's sector. One that had bugged out from the artillery was destroyed by an A10. The other one was a sand pillbox. All it could do was sit there and take it. An A10 got it as well. In return, we punched a hole on one of them. Infantry fighting has been heavy. I would have more of an major edge if it weren't for a sniper out there somewhere. He is picking on exposed squads and racking up kills. The infantry and tanks are starting to separate, so I'm holding their infantry back. Hitting the enemy with light mortars here as well.

Enemy infantry showing up in front of Charlie in small numbers. Took a few shots, without luck. Tanks from Yankee company are moving north to help on the flank. Somewhere off on the enemy side of the map, a 2-pdr ATG is taking some shots at them.

Delta's sector also has infantry to their front, in addition to the truck mounted 2-pdrs. Those have been cut down by X-Ray tanks. Two trucks destroyed and one routed. The last one is trying to go it alone.

Enemy forces at the salient are giving up there and trying to push around Foxtrot. A13s are starting to draw fire from my ATGs here. The enemy is pretty beaten up here at the moment. The second wave with the Matilda IIs will liven it up again soon. At the salient itself, another armored car and Bren carrier were destroyed.


Friendly: 2xM11/39 tank destroyed. Estimated 10 casualties.

Enemy: 1xMatilda I tank, 2x2-pdr Portee trucks, 1xRolls Royce A/C and 1xBren Carrier destroyed. Estimated 25 casualties.

Attached are screen prints of the three main battle areas.
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