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Default Re: New Requested Features

OK, here's some suggestions:
- A Retreat option for battles. At present, there's no way to retreat from battles you can't win, and either you or your enemy lose all your troops in a battle. That makes it easier to defeat AI opponents, because they can't retreat and organize their defenses (of course that would need some AI modification to make it retreat if odds are against it).
- Nuclear subs and nuclear missile launchers shouldn't have infinite ammo like they have now. You can fire only a certain amount of shots at the moment, but they suffice to destroy most of the AI troops (especially because they can't fire back, since they do not use nukes). They should be able to load missiles you build separately, because there's also a problem with stationary nuclear missiles: They can't be moved once you have built them, so you have to sell them when the enemy is out of range.
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