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Duuude -

This mule's been flogged to bone and tatters. Malf is aware of the wishlists and issues. Nothing here is news to them. Bunches of us mailed them direct on fixes and "wishlist" upgrades (the weak is implied, because this is less about 'gee, wouldn't it be cool! if we could ..' and more 'this #%@ don't work; it makes shooting fish in a barrel seem sophisticated and erudite by comp').

I even sent a 15-page booklet to Aaron after the release of v1.05that summarized, classified, and described various logic errors and disfunctionalities with the game, from unit balance to AI. Even outlined different approaches for correction. If there's flaw or idea for improvement that baby don't cover, it don't exist.

Indeed, this 'manifesto' was the second I sent; the first ran after one of the earlier releases and was a mere 7 pages in length. Malf actually incorporated some of those ideas in v1.05.

Needless to say, I probably need more hobbies.

And there's a 50-50 chance my email's been blocked ("ah, #%#, not THIS #@%)-$*#@ again").

Regardless, the point's been made. The areas needing improvement have been outlined, scored, and highlighted by dozens of hopeful fans. There ain't nuthin' new under this sun. The only question of relevance at this point is whether or not Malf has chosen to act on the plethora of recommendations that have bombarded its office, and what kind of a time-table they're operating on. Some of this stuff is going to take a lot of time to properly fix - if that is their intent.
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