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Originally Posted by JCrowe View Post
I second the motion for the inclusion of a techno-pop up alert. It's a really good thought. The guessing game is a pain, especially when some buys go through, others fail, and you're trying to remember what was what before you hit 'turn end'.

On that score, I'd also suggest expanding the drop-down box selector. As it stands, if you want to pick something from a drop-down box, you have to click precisely on the downward-pointed arrow for the box. Clicking inside the box itself does nothing. The "clicking on the box" method has become a standard MO on many platforms (Windows included), and it's so much nicer than having to scroll on over here and clicking on this tiny arrow box, etc. etc.


So sue me - I'm lazy. Human, too. Kinda goes hand-in-hand.
Yes, improving the interface would be pretty nice. It's very click-intensive at the moment. Having to use the keyboard to define the number of troops I want to send isn't very user friendly. You either have to enter the number using the keyboard or click 10 or 15 times to define numbers of troops at present. It should be possible to give order more quickly. A selection rectangle that enables you to select all troops you want would be neat. And there should be more buttons (arrows) in the number selection, to for example send 10 troops with one click. The interface is pretty 90s like which should turn off most of today's casual gamers (although it isn't really a casual game, I think) or even strategy gamers that got used to modern interfaces.
Another method would be the one Triple A and Castle Vox use: Drag and Drop. Just take for example the tank symbol with the mouse, drag it to the desired territory, and press the mouse button for each troop you wanna send, or use a hotkey in connection with this to send 10 troops or all troops at once. That's much easier than the present system.
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