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Default Re: New Requested Features

Ooo - Something else.

I brought this up as a suggestion for v1.01 and its worth bringing up again.

Instead of showing the units moving from the center of one territory to the center of the next, cut the middleman and show the units moving directly to target, or along a "great circle" curvature from their point of departure to their destination.

For land forces, the existing center-to-center-territory-by-territory system of movement animation isn't terrible. But the jets! Oi! It can drive you nuts!

My jets might only have to fly three inches across the video screen, from Base A to Target B. But there might be two or three of those massive, irregular sea-territories between both points.

So, instead of flying three inches "to the left" from A to B, no, the jets fly northEAST and off-screen, then return on a southwest-westerly course for 10 inches, then veer southeast for five ... and ten minutes later we land in Pretoria, the kids are screaming, the stewardess is crying in the restroom, and people are looking at me like I'm supposed to know what to do with the stupid duck's head.

Basically, it's like being stuck in connecting-flight hell.

I say, if you've got the ORANGE SODA movement points to go from Point A to Point B, then just animate the movement directly between A & B. Don't worry about 'verifying' it through Ulan Bator as Continental Flight 101 routes through Pittsburgh with a stopover in Kenya.

Please - Please ... can we upgrade our seat to a direct flight? Hawaii's great, but not if I'm leaving New York for L.A.
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