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Just thought you'd all like to see an extract from an email I (and presumably hundreds of others) received from Shrapnel today:

"World Supremacy on sale for $24.95. From the developer behind the best selling Space Empires series comes World Supremacy, the game of modern world domination. Part Axis and Allies, part Superpowers, and all amazing, World Supremacy allows up to eight players to battle for control of a randomly created world using contemporary weapons of war. Take the fight to your opponents using armor, helicopters, attack submarines, nuclear bombs, and more. A simple research tree and basic economic model add to your strategies. With player controlled starting variables, map randomization, and full modding capabilities, World Supremacy offers quite a bang for the buck."

This is the game that wasn't even properly beta tested, and they're still trying to pretend it's a finished product!