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Originally Posted by spillblood View Post
Hey, got a new mail from Aaron today, just wanna share it with you (although it seems he wasn't too happy I shared previous E-Mails here:
The office was closed last week so we're just responding to emails now. Yes
we still support this game. We can't beta test a game with only one player.

Its quite possible the fans in the forum we're scared off by our emails
posted in the forum without our permission.

Ok Aaron.....
IF you had actually released an even HALFWAY finished product you would have more than one or two people playing this game.
IF you had listened early on when we first detailed the problems and fixed them you might have more still playing this game.
If you had not lied in those e-mails and proven to not want to support the broken game YOU released,....then those e-mails being made public wouldnt make you mad.
Aaron, have nobody to blame but yourself for the complete failure of this gmae,...its becasue you completely failed as a developer. You released a broken game and refuse to fix it. Simple as that.
You can e-mail that to him.

As for my mod,....I tried to remove them, but the 'you cant edit after 30 minutes feature' prevents me.
I guess its time to add another post to that thread.
I am also going to add a reply to the forum post about the sale, letting potential customers know they should check this forum and especially this post before the actualy consider buying anything from Aaaron or Shrapnel.