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Default Re: Japanese Long Campaign

To Defend in the Monglolia Sector with Degawa Battalion for a period of 3 hours (roughly 65 turns). The visibility is very good (53)

To expect Soviet forces of 4x infantry battalions reinforced with 3x armoured squadrons, and up to 5x medium/ heavy artillery batteries.

Degawa Battalion will be supported by 1x 105mm Medium Artillery Battery (off-board), 1x 10cm Type 91 Field Battery (on-board), 1x Light Armour Coy of Type 95 Ha-Go tanks, 1x Anti-tank Pl of Type 94 37mm ATGs and 8x Bunkers.

Our sector is bifurcated by a stream running approx. NW to SE, that evenly distributes the Victory Locations.

We will refer to the near side of the stream as TR sector and the far side as LL sector. TR sector is relatively open in comparison with LL sector which provides ample opportunities for close fighting with wooded areas.

The only axis of interest is a dirt road running W-E along the lower half of the map mostly in LL sector.

The stream can be crossed via a bridge from the dirt road, or numerous fording points.

Battle Plan
To concentrate 2 Coys in both TR and LL sectors.

A and B Coys will defend in TR sector, supported by the 1x Armoured Coy. Both Coys will take a 2 up formation, and harbour in and around forested VLs.

C and D Coys will defend in LL sector, supported by the 1x ATG Pl.. Similarly, both Coys will take a 2 up formation and harbour in and around forested VLs.

Bunkers are placed along both flanks and have their arcs adjusted to provide interlocking fields of fire. Bunkers are denoted by blue triangles, and their arcs of fires are denoted by the yellow lines.

All fording points have been blocked off by both barbwire and dragon's teeth, to reduce enemy mobility across the river.

The bridge is blocked by an anti-tank ditch (denoted by the green bar), it is further mined approx. 400 metres from our front bunkers (also denoted by the green bar)

The only fording point that cannot be blocked off by obstacles will be pre-targeted by our artillery. The pre-target hex is a yellow circle.

The Bn Inf Gun Platoon will be positioned in the middle to provide support.

Based on our earlier experiences, we intend for the enemy armour to bypass our forward bunkers, and penetrate into our layered infantry defenses in close terrain. The bunkers are intended to delay and separate the enemy infantry from the fast armour. Our own armour is intended to launch counter attacks to recapture TR sector once enemy armour is neutralised.
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