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Default Re: Japanese Long Campaign

It's been awhile since I last updated. I'm still playing the Japanese LC, still stuck in Mongolia/ Manchuria against Soviets. Made the following notes.

a. Soviets early armour is highly dangerous. Their guns are good up to 800 metres against Jap armour
b. Japanese armour is highly fragile. Guns are good up to 400-500 metres against Soviet armour.
1. Try to manevure for approaches which reduce LOS. Reverse Slope armour vs armour defense is especially useful; Hull-down positions with long LOS are not.

a. Soviet experience and morale is poor
b. Japanese inf do not get pinned/ retreat/ rout easily
2. If enough enemy armour is destroyed, the rest will tend to rout when approaching friendly wrecks. Japanese Inf can then get in close and close assault enemy tanks. However, always use infantry against tanks in close terrain.

a. Soviet tanks have good front and side armour but weak top armour (1-2)
b. Japanese arty of 10cm and above have warhead of 5.
3. Use arty to destroy enemy tanks, especially on Advance missions, since the enemy tank are more static than usual.
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