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Default Re: Furious Noobs -EA- (Newbie Game, 10/10, Running)

Originally Posted by Happyfungi View Post
Cal or Maer have probably run across this before, I would ask Maer first though, I think cal has a lot on his plate right now.

ghoul31 may be right he has been around a long time, but I also know ghoul31 likes a good argument. I am not sure if he is practicing his semantics or if he is trying to help.
I'm not exactly sure what the agreement was with BC, but the "trades are binding" pertain to clear-cut item trades like "I'll give you 20 gems for item X". This rule is in effect due to the imitations in how turns are processed. Without it, nobody would trade items with each other because it would be real easy to take advantage of someone.

The deal with GK and BC appears to be outside that scope and shouldn't be regulated in my view. This isn't to say BK doesn't have a grievance, but Dominions 3 is a Machiavellian game and you need to watch your back. I would have asked for the gems back and then declared war afterward

Just remember who you deal with so the next time you play, you know who not to trust.
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