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Default Re: Furious Noobs -EA- (Newbie Game, 10/10, Running)

Originally Posted by revenant2 View Post
Originally Posted by Trumelunki View Post
Awesome TimeLegend and congratulations!

You beat me fair and square with superior tactics. I have to admit it did not cross my mind that one spell could be that devastating for my army. Well it shows how much there is to learn in this game.

For others, I guess - the not that mighty anymore - Kailasa will continue the fight, but maybe from a little more defensive position now.

Arcane Domination and magic beings do not mix very well.
There are several nasty battlefield spells out there that can cause a lot of devastation if you're not careful. If you're susceptible to a tactic, you need to keep your eyes open for when your opponent will use it and then counter it. For something like AD, that would probably be Will of Fates to bump up the MR of your troops, or if you're desperate cast AD after your opponent to try to seize back your troops. You can also just not use low MR troops until you have a counter -- or try to soften him up first with remote attack/assassination spells.
Correction: I meant Antimagic and not Will of Fates (, although luck might help as well (never really tested luck with this type of spell, so I'm not 100%).
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