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Default Re: My CD key isn't working

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Run the game as admin the first time, then enter the key. The key you got is correct, Dominions 3 cd keys are not uniform (i.e. some of them have xxxx-123-abcde-1234 and others may start off with 3 digits and then have the rest of the groupings randomly). So pay no attention to the sample cd key.
I have tried the CD Key (I checked to make sure I'm putting the numbers in right), and I've run as administrator. Still doesn't work.
Okay, then go into the Dominions 3 directory and the delete the file called key. Then restart the game as admin and see what it does.

For future reference, this place is no longer the official forum for Dominions 3, the official forum is at Desura. It is the better place to ask for help, since there are more people over there.
Looks like I got it to work; I think I kept accidentally putting one wrong number in and thought it was the right one. Thanks for your help!
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