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Default Re: Question Re Red, Blue and Green OOBs

Yeah, Switzerland didn't really move from a 1918-type arrangement until the 1950's. They're the only ones I know of to still use RT-17s in WinSPMBT.

Speaking of which, is it possible for Red/Green/Blue to do something like what Red does in WinSPMBT and change its picklist, batloc, et. al. based on the date and opponent? Moreover, would it actually be worth doing?

Originally Posted by zastava128 View Post
Ethiopia of course was invaded by Italy, but also had a strong resistance movement that helped the Brits drive the Italians out.
I second this suggestion, especially if it means including the Gideon Force.
Like I said above, I might be able to make some sort of OOB sometime in the future, though information is hard to come by.
Some general ideas on what they had:

I seem to recall hearing that they received quite a bit of Japanese equipment too, as Japan was one of the only countries to ignore the rather questionable League of Nations embargo against both warring states.

But a more serious problem is, would they have any chance against the Italians? How would they stop Italian tanks, when 80+ percent of their troops didn't even have Hand Grenades?
Stab them with spears.

If reports are to be believed—and I'll believe anything myself— Abyssinian tribesmen units really did thrust spears the vision ports of Italian cv.33's. Sometimes they'd also roll rocks on them or get enough men around one to flip it over.

For the most part, however, any set-piece engagement between Italian tanks and Abyssinian tribesmen are probably going to be massacres, as they were historically.
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