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Default Re: Question Re Red, Blue and Green OOBs

Originally Posted by Firestorm View Post
Stab them with spears.

If reports are to be believed—and I'll believe anything myself— Abyssinian tribesmen units really did thrust spears the vision ports of Italian cv.33's. Sometimes they'd also roll rocks on them or get enough men around one to flip it over.
I can believe that too. I've read about the Yugoslav partisans doing similar - one partisan officer reportedly captured a CV-33 by charging at it and sticking his pistol into the vision port - the Italians promptly surrendered!

Sadly you can't really implement such things in the game. Though to be fair they probably happened only rarely.

For the most part, however, any set-piece engagement between Italian tanks and Abyssinian tribesmen are probably going to be massacres, as they were historically.
And that's exactly the problem I outlined before. While it's nice to have all the historical OOBs, Ethiopia is very limited because it only ever fought the Italians, and becaue a historically acurate portrayal of their army would not make for very fun games. Playing against an AI-controlled Ethiopia would be a turkey shoot. It's also a very niche thing, and I doubt many people would play it.

In short making a whole OOB would require a lot of work for little payoff. I'm currently (slowly) working on Croatian and Albanian OOBs, but that's mostly form my own use (I'll post them here eventually), and information on those is easier to come by.

If you're willing to try making an Ethiopian OOB though, let me know, and I'll share what information I've found.
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