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Default Re: DRM questions

I've got a similar issue. I have an HTPC in the living room, a gaming pc, business laptop and a personal laptop. I haven't bought the game yet but have played the demo a lot.

I buy 95% of my games DRM free. Steam is a huge DRM issue but I've never had an issue installing games as many times as needed over the years. I do stay away from any game that has TAGS DRM. It would be nice if it just had a serial number like Matrix Games and no online activation. I also don't buy from John Tiller's site. I buy from HPS because of the no DRM.

Anyway, I hope the DRM on AI ends up getting removed and then I might buy it. Still on the fence with the price. Just waiting to hear more reviews on the game to justify the price.

Just my 2 cents.

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