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Default Re: What makes this game worth $40 more than any other roguelike?

Originally Posted by Voidhawk View Post
I strongly feel that people are not covering this game in the media because average gamers (those that are even aware of its existence) are not taking it seriously at the current price point. The roguelike iron is hot right now, and there is absolutely no other good reason why a fully realized indie effort like AI isn't generating plenty of live streams, LP's, and editorial pieces.

Sorry for the wall o' text. If I didn't care, I really wouldn't have bothered.

Thanks for this very thoughtful post, it very closely matches my feelings about AI. I care about the game too, but the combination of barriers you mention (especially limited activation DRM) are exactly what have prevented me from making a purchase. I am not anti-DRM, but I am totally against limited activation (yes, I HAVE been burned by it in the past; based on my computer usage history I would use up three activations within a couple of years).

It is frustrating that there seems to be a disconnect between the perceived attitudes of the developers (limited activation is innocuous, it is not meant to impact legitimate buyers at all) and the attitudes of some consumers like me (limited activation has prevented me from enjoying something I paid for, it prevents me from playing when and where I want, and it is awful to think that something intended to prevent piracy is hurtful to honest supporters).

I know I am not saying anything new in this post, I am just adding "+1" more lash to the dead horse in case the developer is considering options for expanding into a larger market.

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