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Potion Help and Information / Crafting Info

1. how to get crafting ability up:

Since v1.20 it is very hard to get the base crafting level up.
The best source is salvaging not yet known devices and ship systems (ie. like the first ever shield)

If you find a reactor - don't salvage it at once, check the pawn shop price first you can get even in early sector sometimes a few 10K $ for it.

If you don't have a real pressing need for a new (=not yet known) device - salvage it.

And to make sure you get a level from all devices - don't pick up the blueprints from ground (which otherwise would grant you the knowledge to build that item)
Later you have to be lucky with your loot and you can get some ship systems that may yield level ups.

2. how to craft better items:

Tactical officer : take Crafting Consultant
Engineering officer: take Build it Better -
and for cheap mass crafting without being hostile to vordalene : efficient construction

3. how to get crafting materials for cheap

(easy way) look for vordalene shipwrecks - ie. recently shot by their enemies - board them - and if you are still friendly with them you can pilfer their ship - just be careful while moving - even bumping into one by accident makes them hostile and your race relation drops from loving to hostile ( experience)

(almost easy way) explore underground caves : sometimes a level is a merc base and sometimes this merc bases are quit full of crafting parts

(reckless way)
shoot vordalene ships - especially the ranger cruiser ships - these drops a stack of crafting parts - and if you can board their shipwreck each of their destroyed drones also drop a stack of spare parts if there is free space on it (don't know if the dropped parts also stack on same spot)
With this you also don't have the need for efficient construction!
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