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Default Re: WORLD WAR (1942-1964) Mod

Originally Posted by MarkSheppard View Post
Originally Posted by troopie View Post
I've done a few mods, actually OOBs. There was the WW2 Atlantis mod for SPWW2, An Atlantis Obat for SPMBT. It hasn't been worked on for years.
There are 2 weapons in the WW2 orbat that will NOT work in WinSPWW2 because of code changes. The first is the Samhara (Darter) surface to air missile used on the Samhara SAM launcher and Lohanastra(Metal Arrow) gun/missile system. The second is the Falkhata (Broadsword) ASM. The code for these weapons has been removed. The weapons types say Unused. I am not going to ask for the code to be restored.

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