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Default Re: War-related phrases ingame

I am glad about your helpfulness. Thanks for that, you all and particularly RecruitMonty, but i do not know how someone could help now. It's just work and whenever I can spare the time ... I am working a bit. Little strokes fell big oaks, it is moving forward piece by piece. I am bedridden and because of that, been nearly as pale as Chester W. Nimitz's soles. One day, I actually thought I could see through my skin. That's why I wrote nothing here. I am a little Heart weak and sleep the whole day, but it's getting better.

In fact I don't know how one could help? Maybe while I am working from top to bottom, whoever wants, can dig through from behind? (That sounds odd!) I wanted to say that it is possible if we take care not to get in the way of one another. So anybody who likes to engage could do. Apart from that I will need some month to complete. It is a dignified task, but I can't do it full-time once become healthy.
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