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Default Re: USSR Long Campaign

Originally Posted by DRG View Post
Originally Posted by jivemi View Post
Thanks, but I can't seem to open them. Think you gotta include the CMT files with each save.

Anyway isn't there some kind of "unit rarity" limit to prevent buying so many scouts, AT squads and snipers? It's "just a game" but I like to pretend it at least halfway reflects reality w/o using too many exploits. To each their own.
Agreed. We do not put in code to stop purchasing like that.....if that's what makes you happy... have fun...
I don't actually think the build above is overloaded with light stuff. It is a mechanised force and there are no APC yet available, and 6 scout platoons and 12 snipers for such a sized force does not seem excessive. Once T-34 are available maybe you could argue they should be used to ferry in squad infantry. Actually often I will take the infantry AAMG or MG squads to carry in in this way. At least these have some range so they unlike squad inf are not forced into something that might be a fair fight.
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