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Default Re: Units Loaded on Vehicles

Time-tested tactics mentioned above from our community.

In short, using an infantry platoon's fire has seemed to be the best way to probe a vehicle for whether there are infantry being transported by it. Individual squads within a platoon fire once each with perhaps only one weapon selected, maybe its MG, until a 'hit' is registered on the vehicle. This should lead to the enemy infantry being dismounted and hopefully, a little suppressed too. The single round per squad might allow your squad to remain un-spotted too given some distance from the target and taking into account terrain effects that your squads enjoy.

Id also humbly add that it does seem to be some what realistic too to address your goal in this manner if you think about the 'fog of war' effect. Your troops can not always see well enough to determine whether there are a few enemy troops on the back of an approaching tank let alone inside of a APC/truck. Also in reality, your troops might take a pot-shot at a vehicle too to at least 'button' the vehicle if not kill a vehicle commander standing in a hatchway. Your troops just might not be so zealous as to fire everything that they possess unless they're trying to suppress the vehicle like a tank or destroy a softer vehicle like a truck less they also receive opt-fire in return.

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