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Default Re: New German OOBs MOD

Hello Scorpio_Rocks and Warheroe:
Actually these OOBs are not my merit, but they are from the developers Don and Andy, since the only thing I've done is to use the Mobhack program and change a few icons for others already existing. What I have done has been simply to change a few vehicles from 1944 for others that had a typical camouflage of the summer of 1944. I have not modified any data or altered any formation. If I have uploaded these OOBs it is for pure fun, so that other people have fun playing the original game but with some typical camouflage of the period. This is applicable for the OOB Normandy 44 and the OOB v11 while the OOB v10 is based on the previous version of winSPWW2, so if you do not feel like playing the previous version, I do not recommend it. Download the OOBs and try them without any commitment. If you do not like them, delete them and copy the originals. I take this comment to thank Don and Andy for their incredible work. Without them these OOBs could not have done them. I hope I have answered them. With all my love: Jorge
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