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Post Re: Fiery Cross Island

I found the destroyed Chinese AFVs at (52,93), (67,96), and (120,89) without smoke irritating. So, I found using a simple hack to affect damaged smoke interesting. Here goes.

Briefly, we want to bail out the crew, save the scenario then open in Editor to begin with building the scenario. Once a crew is bailed and an opposing unit occupies the hex of the vehicle, after one turn the vehicle will show with damage smoke.

We can display damaged AFVs by bailing the crew out, destroying crew, and save scenario, then load and save as a scenario. This is how I accomplished the hack with Fiery Cross Island

1. Purchase USMC Plt of Engr Sqd
2. Place a Engr sqd in the same hex with the Chinese AFV
3. Change Engr Sqd size to 0, and men to 2
4. Inactivate Chinese AFV guns
5. Inactivate all USMC bombardment missions

Play the scenario with both sides as Human. Quit USMC orders
1. In Chinese orders, bail out AFV crews
2. Save the scenario after second turn
3. Copy/Paste saved scenario into Scenario folder
4. Change saved scenario format to scenario format
5. Open scenario in Editor
6. Delete USMC Engr Plt
7. Save scenario with destroyed AFVs displaying damage smoke.

Damaged ZTZ-99A2 at (52,93)

I have included my working scenario file for review and comment.

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