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Default Re: Italy OOB 34 corrections/suggestions (v.11) 2018

"sometimes" you did but not as much as you might think..very VERY few " AH Ha!'s from these latest and that last one about the photo pretty much sums it up..yes 20611 is a "better" photo but only marginally and maybe only to you and it's nitpicky nonsense like this that is KILLING whatever remaining interest I have in furthering development in these games.

If you want "perfect" OOB's take your ideas and apply them to your own OOB's. Present them in the MOD's forum for everyone to "enjoy"..... and make sure they work with every existing scenario ( AND campaign ) in the game.....just like I have to otherwise they of use to only a small minority but I am DONE with endless mind-numbing lists of yours that only make hours of work for infinitesimal improvements to the game at best