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Confused Re: Pakistan ORBAT

Originally Posted by RC4 View Post
This forum is dead, I will unleash some violence!
it's not dead it's resting..... just like a Norwegian Blue

Originally Posted by RC4 View Post
M3 Lee 8/1947-12/1966, turretless Tank Destroyer with 17 Pounder in the hull. Not mentioned in the game, must be introduced, it was like Unit10 of Brazil Obat48 without the small turret with the 37mm gun and Browning CMG.

I got this far and stopped. Yes there is a photo....there is nothing to indicate where the photo was taken and ALLEGEDLY there was a "M3 Lancer Tank Destroyer-----Experimental Tank Destroyer built on an M3 Grant Hull" but so far the only info I can find on it is from a modeling site

and that photo you posted when checked through google reports "No other sizes of this image found.".....but I did see it reposted on Japanese or Korean websites so you need to cite your source for information on this vehicle because as interesting as it seems more a phantom than something real. The battle that "lancer" is supposed to have participated in occurred 5 months before the initial batch of 17 pounders using 25 pounder carriages were introduced so just how did the Pakistanis get ahold of this thing ?
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