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Default Re: Villers-Bocage campaign

Originally Posted by prinzeugen View Post
Very disappointed in Villers-Bocage campaign. Michael Wittmann is given low tank experience even though 100 tank kills are shown (should really be closer to 135). All the other tanks have 0 tank kills. None of this makes sense.
On top of that extra units are added for "playability".
So historical accuracy is just thrown out the window!
I have no problem with hypothetical scenarios. But a large part of the appeal of SPWW2 is historical accuracy. I don't understand why one would design a "historical" campaign with almost nothing historically accurate about it.
Hi friend. You can modify the scenario if you think it is necessary for your liking. And maybe reach an agreement with the original creator of the scenario. There is a section in the forum called campaigns, scenarios and maps where you can discuss.
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