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Default Re: Villers-Bocage campaign

Originally Posted by zovs66 View Post
Sorry your disappointed in my Villers-Bocage Campaign. I created the scenarios based off of GMT's game Panzer and that was what I used for historical references to build those scenarios and campaigns. I designed and created the scenarios and campaigns to the best of my abilities and knowledge and used as I said GMT's Panzer data as the historical reference point.

Looking forward to seeing your Campaign with better historical data and design.

Hope others enjoyed that campaign and the scenarios.
Funny you should say that... The scenario already exists. Scenario #53: Villers-Bocage by another designer... The unit you have is designated as "BO". It is designated "DO" in that scenario. Pl note the discrepancies concerning German tank experience, etc...
WinSPWW2 scenario #53 takes place on the same day with the same units.
If German tanks had been given the correct experience levels, etc, you would not have to add units for "playability".
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