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Fallout Re: Abrams

Copied from the MBT Thread just tired I guess. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Those are definitely M1A2 SEP3 tanks in that picture. So this next Ref. ties it all into the picture. Particular attention should be made to paras 6, 8 & 10...

Excerpts from the above Ref. from...
Para 6: "2-8 CAV just came off the mission of Atlantic Resolve in Europe. During their 9-month deployment, they conducted large amounts of tactical and live fire training."

Para 8: "The Soldiers from 2-8 Cav. have been extremely motivated and their candid input has been critical to USAOTC's effort to provide meaningful data to Army Evaluation Center who will evaluate the effectiveness, suitability and survivability of the M1A2 SEPv3."

Para 10: "It's cool for these crews to have been able to test these new systems since they already have SEPv2 experience and now they'll acquire a few new certifications before the actual tank is fielded."

Still in OPEVAL and PLEASE note the date of the above Ref.

And again from my submission post to change the START date (It was in the game from 2016/or 2017.) for the SEP 3 this was my "hammer" Ref. to make the change. Article is from this past Dec.

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