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Default Re: Editing existing campaigns

OK! Started the process of extracting the camapaign and got this. I've made no changes and to the best of my knowledge not deleted anything.

Loading file header C:\Shrapnel Games\winSPWW2\Campaigns\ucamp006.dat
UNABLE to find scenario 0
Extracted scenario 2 2nd To Slot 802
Extracted scenario 4 3rd To Slot 804
Extracted scenario 5 4ath To Slot 805
UNABLE to find scenario 6
Extracted scenario 8 6th To Slot 808
Extracted scenario 10 7th To Slot 810

I don't know how many scenarios there should be but going on what I see here it should be 11? Two it could not find and 4 just don't exist (1,3,7 and 9).

Now did there every exist and if it's possible where could I find them?
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