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Default Re: My Philosophy on Strategy Guides

Originally Posted by Sombre View Post
Originally Posted by Redeyes View Post
It feels as if you like a Socratic kind of guide, where the "teacher" has a dialog with the student so he can find his own way of approaching the problem.
No Gandalf prefers a Schizophrenic kind of guide, where the poster has a dialogue with himself.
Sombre, I'm ashamed of you.

Multiple Personality Disorder is a serious illness, as demonstrated in the classic "Seven Faces of Ga^H^H^HEVE", and certified in the DMS-IV. A complete list of DSM-IV codes can be found here, courtesy of the renowned Dr. Jim Morrison...wait, whut... uh oh... walls of reality breaking down... What lies beyond the veil?!!... such a shape, unimagined by man... like endless strings who's roots and strands give birth to themselves, a vast cthonic sport... the horror, the horror...

*grrrrk* *erwwww* YOGSO/****bzzzzzt IO IO [static] [pan pipes?]

/end transmission
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