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Yes I have noticed that. Another thing is that carriers can only carry fighters and stealth fighters, bombers. I am thinking the fighter is modeled after the new strike fighter, and therefore is definately capable againt air and ground targets. Since I doubt the AI would put bombers on a carrier even if I changed the carrier to be able to handle carrying bombers,..... I think I am going to adjust the fighter back to being able to do both air and land damage,...but scale back both from the stock game.

Probably set it so 1 fighter can destroy 2 fighters on average in one shot (100% air modifier) and so 1 fighter can destroy one tank in one shot(65% land modifier). I think I will scale bombers back to about 75% land damage, so they can kill 3 tanks IF they roll maximum damage. That way they are still a decent buy even with fighters being able to do ground damage.

I will probably post these changes as V1.2 later today.
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