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Default Re: Balance Mod

And of course I have decided that I am going to continue working on this mod, since every game I notice something I want to adjust. I want to go through and do some balancing on other units,.....prices as well as combat abilites.

I am still going to make sure that all changes I make are able to be used effectively by the AI.

Right now I am considering reducing bombers air modifier a 5% or 10%. I am pretty sure I am going to reduce the damge AA Trucks can do to land units. I am going to adjust the prices on planes, ships and nukes/neutron bombs. I am still thinkoing about how to make infantry worth buying. I like the double HP idea, but want to see if I can come up with anything else before stealing that idea

I would like to know what changes others have made for any ideas on things I have overlooked.

I have noticed that it may be possible to add another damage type
, so it may be possible to remove the land modifier and add a hard land modifier (armored units like tanks) and a soft land modifier (unarmored vehicles and infantry). This will make it so that infantry can be made more effective against infantry, and tanks less effective against infantry. It will also allow for the addition of more specific units,....such as anti tank infantry, anti infantry tanks...etc.....

I need to either do some experimenting,...or find out from Aaron if there is any way this is possible through simple modding.

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