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Default Re: War of Final Resolution

Turn’s Story

Lt. Burr watched as the Strykers moved past his position. His ears were still ringing from the shell they had taken. With the concussion damage to the loader and the state of the crew, reaction time was done, so he held their fire, forcing himself to delegate to Lindsey. The Strykers were carrying the infantry into the safety of the ravine located to the south of the PIT. The problem was that the ravine wasn’t as safe as they first thought. The first men to unload (so the APC could come back for the others) came under fire from more small arms. Lindsey successfully spotted the offending troops a mere 100m from Burr’s tank. The second APC into the ravine poped smoke to cover the men unloading. The third platoon took fire from a MMG pit to the west. Lindsey opened up on it, but was unable to destroy it. Burr called in smoke and Heavy artillery on it’s position and Lt. McGee of AOPB obliged, calling back the confirmation. At about that time Burr received a call from Corporal Willis is CTRA BDC saying that the MMG pit was neutralized. Glancing over at the smoking pit, Burr listened as Willis reported, “The first missile detonated near by, but the second tow took it out.” Burr replied, “Corporal, it’s not good to shoot at crows with a cannon, but this time, I think I’ll let it go.” “Thank you, Sir,” Willis responded, “In such cases I believe in Rule 37 ‘There is no overkill. Only ‘Open fire!’ and ‘Time to reload!’” Burr smiled and called McGree back to cancel the heavy guns.

[Rule 37 from Schlock Mercenary by Howard Tayler]

(Nov. 22, 2010)

All engineer assets moved to Breach at (58, 125) and surrounding hexes. Should have 150m hole opened by end of turn.

Stryker at trbal (57,117) at 400m – ND, ND, ND

Tribal at Stryker (62,123) at 400m – M
First MECH (AUX) platoon positioned in Breach. Second not far behind.

CTAL ABB at tribal at 600m – nd, nd

CTAL ABB and CTAL ABC posited to assist Breach, CTAL ABA and ABD overwatch.

CTAK posited in overwatch. Will remain here for one turn before moving into breach.

BTSC AOP plotted Bombardment around Rim of PIT in preparation of Breakout.

CTEO AEB at Tribal (70,150) at 400m – ND, ND

CTRA BDB at tribal at 450m – ND, 1
CTRA BDB at tribal at 450m – ND, ND
CTRA BDB at Tribal at 550m - ND, ND

Moving Strykers with SFlank eng to ravine in order to ratrieve other units in following turns.

Tribal (2) at Pioneers ~500m – ND, ND
Stryker PS
Sandbag MMG at Assult ENG from 250m – 1
Stryker PS
Returned fired at 300m – ND, ND

AOPB plotted CM and Smoke on Sandbag MMG. And Smoke to east of ravine to PIT. (CM Canceled)

CTPE ETA at tribal from 300m – nd, nd
CTPE ETB at tribal from 300m – nd, nd
CTRA BDC at Sandbag from 900m – nd, D

ZSU at BTSC AHB ~ 2000m – M

Moved MC & RC successfully. Will begin ferrying back M113s as soon as MECH AUX begins to unload.

Needs to be done

Consider moving two platoon AB south to support Breach. Leave one as over watch with CTAL RAB for support.


Suppress Tribal on SFlank and move SFlank units into PIT to support Breach.

Overwatch, overwatch, overwatch.


Afhgan turn 9
82mm on Breach
76mm on Sfalnk
CTPJ clears path
ESC clears path.
Strealla t APAH A – M
Trabla at M113 at 500m ND
CTAL at triabl – ND
Tribal at Assualt eng – ND
CTPJ ETB at triabl – ND
CTAK, CTAL, at tirabl – ND

Smoke good. Bombardment good.
CTRA BDB at tribal a 500m – ND, ND
CTRA BDB at triabl – 3
CTRA DBD at tribal – 1
Pioneer at tribal – 1
Assault at tribal 1
CTESD at tribal – 1
Assault at tribal – D
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