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Default Re: How about Windows 8?

Originally Posted by Spledge View Post
Any plans to make the game playable on a 64bit Win 8 system?
Running perfectly fine on my 64 bit windows 8.1 box in windowed mode at desktop resolution so it uses the 1080i wide screen.

But 256 colour MSDOS mode is not well supported by some modern post Vista graphics cards/drivers. The mode causes graphics lags and stuttering on scrolling on many such modern cards that dont have legacy modes any more.

Full screen 256 colour mode is therefore obsolete (unless you happen to find a card where the vendor has written in support for legacy games). But that is what windowed mode + desktop resolution (if you have the full game) is for.

(Be aware that many modern graphics cards and/or monitors wont go down to an 800x600 screen size either, with 1280 being about the smallest size offered. Free demo users might have to play-test the game in an 800x600 window.)
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