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Default Re: Teeming With Life version 1.2

Teeming With Life is especially good when played on the Science Mission. In addition to new lifeforms, it provides a few new quests, new ships and other tidbits to enhance the other two missions as well.

The 1.2 Version has now been released. It is attached to the first post in this thread.

new in the 1.2 version:
+New music for the Snake God and the Galaxy's Largest Lummox Ranch. If you haven't heard both those tunes, you haven't played this mod enough! Music provided by Ace_Garp, aka Rick of Semihere. Thanks again, Rick!
+1.22 patch compliant - completely this time, and with no known bugs or glitches. It doesn't even crash my mac! Should be a livelier and less frustrating mod now.
+Alternate versions of several quests, randomly replacing main version in a percentage of games to increase replayability!
+Fixed minor glitch in Science Vessel ally. Also gave the ship a name.
+Assorted minor de-bugs in other quests.

Have fun!

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