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Default Re: ANDalusian Sun: Anonymous LA Game for experienced players. (Submit Pretenders)

Is this what you tell your feeble, mewling underlings?

Psst. We're winning! But it's a *secret*, don't tell anybody.

You have done well, and earned yourself a place of honor - every other monday, I will trot you out of your cell to be my capering jester. Don't worry, you won't be missing out on any of the fun of our rivals - the missed 12 hrs of torture will be spread out over the remaining two weeks, in place of your nightly hour of sleep.

Originally Posted by Fantomen View Post
You are mistaken, those wails are naught but your own vain daydreams of glory. As blind as the mole ascended from earth, as blind the pretender pretending to know his future. As the cowards cower from the rustling wings of foolish thugs, true power matures in the shadows.
If you read his speech at Rice, all his arguments for going to the moon work equally well as arguments for blowing up the moon, sending cloned dinosaurs into space, or constructing a towering *****-shaped obelisk on Mars. --Randall Munroe
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