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Default Avernum, Crystal Souls v1.5 UPDATE



Summary: A new Middle Era nation based on the Exile series by Spiderweb Software. The mod contains a large amount of new graphics and the nation is densely packed with new content. Vahnatai and immobile crystal souls rule over an alliance of Nephils (cat people), Slith (lizard people) and Avernites (humans). Includes 6 trog national summon spells.

Varied selection of both infantry and commanders
Nephil stealth armies
Very powerful and varied magic
Semi-Amphibious Slith armies
Great research ability
Summonable trog superheavy infantry

Generally expensive
Best mages all have drawbacks
Extremely vulnerable to missile fire
High risk sacreds
Capital centric nation
No cavalry



-- TWEAK - Vahn ranger greatly reduced in cost

-- TWEAK - Vahn mages and shapers slightly increased in price

-- TWEAK - Avernite mage nerfed a bit

-- TWEAK - Costs of various commaners fine tuned

-- TWEAK - Stealth of Nephil normalised at 10

-- FIX - Moved nametypes to overwrite ea ulm ones, since we've run out and Avernum is an MA nation


Re-Download please.

UPDATED: Version 1.4 is out. It makes a host of balance and costing tweaks, cleans up a lot of code, sorts out the darkvision once and for all, adds a new nephil scout commander and gives onebattlespell of light of the northern star to the crystal souls, as well as improving their research. It's a must have update damn your pig eyes!


Original post and premise:

First let me start by saying I have obtained permission from spiderweb to use some graphics from their Exile series, provided the mod is only for our private use (the frequenters of this forum). Spiderweb make a number of excellent old-skool RPGs and I strongly suggest you check out their stuff at

This mod adds the Middle Era Avernum nation to Dom3. Avernum is an underground nation of exiles and their new masters the Vahnatai. I have altered things quite a bit from the story of the Exile series in order to fit better with the feel of Dom3.
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