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Default Re: New Nation(s): Exile/Avernum

Well I was going to add Vahnatai to the Avernum nation in MA and as sacred types. I've pretty much decided to make "Avernum, The Awakening" as a MA nation first. I'm using the Exile series as a base but I'm effectively considering a 'whatif' scenario to tie them into the world of dom3. In this scenario a clan of awakened Vahnatai and a particularly powerful crystal soul (pretender) have saved the exiles from the onslaught of the empire and unified humans, nephilim and slith under the rule of the shapers (priests and mages). I'm looking at it this way because exile is a story driven game of fighting and magic without much 'MY GOD IS THE ONE GOD' stuff. By having the Vahnatai effectively take command of the underground world you get a pretty solid dom3 MA nation.

Human, Slith, Nephilim and (expensive/sacred) Vahnatai troops. Similarly the numerous leaders are pretty varied in race and ailities.

Human Exiles are a guard force (patrol bonus) of medium infantry and archers. Mages and priests are average.
Nephilim (catmen) are all stealthy, plenty of missiles. Limited shaman.
Slith (lizardmen) are naturally heavier infantry and are poor amphibians. Polearms feature heavily. Ok mage/priest.
Vahnatai are excellent at most things but physically pretty frail. I was thinking astral magic more than anything (they are ET-esque) but I'm open to suggestions.

Some weaker crystal souls as expensive recruitable leaders - immobile but excellent holy and magic. This keeps the focus of the nation on defending.

Yes, this is a lot of stuff for one nation, but if I can get MA Avernum done I might well spread some of this stuff out to early and late ages instead, or maybe even make nephilim/slith/vahn nations. For now I just want to concentrate on getting an interesting and hopefully balanced nation with something for people who've played exile.

Sound good? I'm going to make some slith units today I think.
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