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Default Re: New Nation(s): Exile/Avernum

Progress so far has been pretty quick. Dom3 modding is pretty damn user friendly and the graphics from exile require very little modification to fit the game. I should have a very basic version to upload,.. tomorrow probably.

So far these are playable but still have stuff like proper names missing etc. The graphics and basic stats are all there though.

Avernite Guard
Avernite Archer
Nephilim Brave
Nephilim Archer
Nephilim Warrior
Slith Warrior
Slith Warborn - sacred

Scout (standard vanilla one)
Avernite Captain
Slith Lord - sacred
Nephilim Chief
Nephilim Shaman - sacred, Priest1, Nature1, random other pick
Slith Pyromancer - Earth1, Fire2
Slith Hydromancer - Earth1, Water2

Splintered Crystal Soul - Immobile astral4, dom5, 50 points.

To be added.

Vahnatai Warrior
Vahnatai Soulguard

Vahnatai shapers etc that I haven't decided on yet. No nonmagic leaders for Vahnatai.

I might not add the actual heroes from exile series, I'm not sure. I sort of prefer to have my own versions - what do you guys think?

Is it just me or are the slots for modding nametypes extremely limited? I mean every unique hero you need takes up a whole slot with their name. I guess you can go overwriting the slots of nations that aren't in the era your mod is for,... but what the hell?
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