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Default Re: Badlands Greenskins - Warhammer Nation

Goblin looks pretty good. The shield and the whole rearmost hand could be a bit more "forward", and not left behind the unit. Don't be afraid to cover parts of the unit.

Orc: the skin seems too bright, like plastic toy. I haven't checked it in Dominions, but I assume it'd be a bit too bright in Dominions.
The feet could end a bit higher, atm he looks like he's going to fall over any moment. Painopiste on liian ylhäällä, kokeile siirtää jalkoväliä vähän ylös ja vasemmalle.
The metal of the breastplate is too distinguished. It shouldn't be seen without zooming in, it shouldn't stand out like that. Now, you see a unit with an armor, not an armored unit. The focus is on something totally unimportant.

The shadowing is excellent, and the colors are nice. It seems these units would be easy to distinguish from one another. It's a very good first sprite. I didn't actually test what it'd look like in Dominions, so don't spend too much time in corrections until you get others' opinions as well.
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