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Default Re: Alugra, City of Wonders and Heroes & Villains

archaeolept said:
i'd be rather worried that any cheap national gift of reason will be hard to balance... I take it that it works on normal summons as well?
Yes, but there is a complication. The GoR uses astral gems (note; the best gems ever) -> Your mages suck -> You need to GoR your troops to get more mages, especially in the early game -> it costs astral gems -> you'll have few astral gems to spare to the amazing things you could do with them = lame.

Besides, is really *that* more poweful that your Tartarians cost 10 death and 5 astral instead of 10 death and 20 nature?

Zylithan said:
sounds interesting. I'd help, but I'm afraid that my advice is worth nothing, with 0 mp games under my belt. But I have thought a race with more random magic and low level variety could be interesting...
Don't worry about balance when playing then. Just focus on the question number 3. Is it fun to play?
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