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Default Alugra, City of Wonders. Things to come

The next version, 0.2, will include:
(The units whose placeholder graphs can be seen in EA will be done first)

-Thug graphics
-Gambler graphics
-Watchman graphics
-Multihero (About him, let's just say that I'll be using the Kappa sprite as a base. Gowabunga, dudes! )

Well, has anyone tried it out? Even if you just skimmed through the units, don't be afraid to tell your opinion.

Also, one more question to those who have tried the mod:
Did it bother you much that the graphs were placeholders? I'm just curious since I'm thinking just leaving the current Master graphic as it is. It's just too damn perfect for the job. I really don't know what to add to it.

About the national heroes, I'm looking for some suggestions regarding to the missing two. So far, I have idealized these;
- The multihero I already mentioned.
- "Captain Alugra", the captain of the watch with indestructable shield
- Maker of Villains (since Maker of Heroes is also in EA, I couldn't resist the power of the Pun. And yes, he will be the Hero maker's evil identical twin.)

So I've got room for two more. Since this nation is so much tilted towards Order/Misfortune (high gold cost, low res units), I'm thinking of making the Heroes really good and numereous to encourage taking some Luck scale.

P.S: I couldn't find the Valkyrie sprite along the sprites KO released in the "Sprites: Request to Devs"- thread. I went them through 3 times and found only despair. Is there any other way I could find it?
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