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Default Re: Alugra, City of Wonders. Things to come

I looked at them, and even GoR at least 1 of each gifted, just to have a precise idea. Having access to many paths and forgers compensate, I think, the cost in astral gems.
I'll maybe playtest them as I want to test the new map eight gates, and never play capitol centric factions on my usual 400+ maps. It is true that access to air/astral inders the capitol centric flaw.
Why is this faction tilted toward misfortune ? Isn't sloth the scale to take ? As you have access to many paths, fortune could bring you the gems needed to start remote site search.
The faction seems pretty complete, and I guess the graphics are good as they are, would you dress like a superheroe if you had superpowers ? Imagine all an army dressed like them, their ennemies have to take a morale check against 20, or spend 3 turns laugthing.
You should change the graphics for those who use a common indep graph (ie : workers), as it could be confusing if you recruit some of them.
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