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Default Re: Alugra, City of Wonders. Things to come

Humakty said:
Why is this faction tilted toward misfortune ? Isn't sloth the scale to take ? As you have access to many paths, fortune could bring you the gems needed to start remote site search.
The faction seems pretty complete, and I guess the graphics are good as they are, would you dress like a superheroe if you had superpowers ? Imagine all an army dressed like them, their ennemies have to take a morale check against 20, or spend 3 turns laugthing.

This nation is tilted towars misfortune becuase it is tilted towards Order. High Gold cost units = Order. And everyone takes some Misfortune with his Order.

I'm distinguishing the gifted from other units by making them wear differently colored capes.

Workers = No cape, just blue overalls. (they're already quite distinquished enough)
Smith = Orangish cape.
Watchmen = Red
Gambler = Dark Green
Sailor = Blue
Villain = Purple
Manifest = Light Blue
Preacher = Black/ Dark Red

I'm not ready to tacle the Worker yet. I need to find his sprite first. Couldn't find it on the database. I better ask about those "missing" sprites in another thread.

To Zylithan;
Have no sweat about it. I mean, you're not *forced* to play it or anything.
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