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Default Re: Alugra, City of Wonders. Things to come

Maraxus said:
I've looked at the dm file.

One thing I'd suggest:

I don't know if it works (some special effects don't work with some effects), but
#spec 16
should say, that only magic beings are effected by a spell. You might want to aply that to your "The Power Within" spell (if it really works)
Yes, I knew of that possibility too. It's a thematic decision to not do it that way. Even if I specced it to affect only Magic units, it would still work for Living Statues, Gargoyles and whatnot.

I really can't think of any reason why the Masters would be able to train a Living Statue, but not a Tartarian. Besides, I find the mental image of a 5-feet tall master giving martial arts lessons to a 60-feet tall undead giant extremely funny.

I really haven't used the Tartarian stragedy on a large scale, so I can't say this for sure, but I really think that it won't matter much if your tartarians cost 10 death/5 astral instead of 10death/20nature. Your maximum death capacity is D3 on a villain (if you get lucky), which is not enough for economic tartarian summon (all of the Tartarian summoners would need: Skull Staff, Skullface, Ring of Sorcery, Ring of Wizardy). So you'd need to summon the D4 lichs, which cost death gems and research on enchanment path and it still wouldn't be too economical (even the Liches would need Skull Staff, Skullface, Ring of Sorcery), good luck finding those astral gems for Rings of Sorcery when you need to GoR like a madman to have the mage-power a late-game nation needs. So you're mostly restricted on Tartarizing with your Pretender, which anyone can do. You just do it a dat cheaper.

Yeah, I could make it affect only magic units and put it in the description "that it only works for gifted", but that would be lying, and I'm not too hots on that.
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