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Laugh Re: OT: Google Chrome

Originally Posted by geoschmo View Post
Ok, is it just me or is the Google Chrome logo a little creepy. Like a computer eyeball watching me. Given the recent privacy concerns over Google keeping tabs on your browsing history, was this really a good choice?
... Says the guy with an eyeball for his avatar.

Anyway, I don't think it looks all that much like an eyeball, not even a computer eyeball.

I am going to be extremely interested to see how things progress as Google integrates its other programs into this new browser, though. It was the fear that the browser would become an OS that prompted MS to crush Netscape. Now it looks like Google is going to make the nightmare come true, and Google is not going to be nearly so easy to crush.

(And of course, there are huge market forces driving towards mobile computing and platform independence that didn't exist in the 90s. Smart phones and similar small devices are the perfect platform for something like this. They barely existed a decade ago.)

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