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Default Re: winSPWW2v4.0 upgrade

Originally Posted by RVPERTVS View Post
Two new features got my attention in particular:

"21) Two of our game development programs have been included with this patch and can both be found in the main winSPWW2 folder. ArmourCalc is a very straightforward program. Enter the armour thickness and angle and press calculate and the answer is displayed in the Result box" What answer that would be? you´re still not revealing the code formulas, are you?

The "answer" is the thickness of the armour through the angle it is inclined. It's simple basic math ....a piece of steel X thick inclinded at Y angle = Z thinkness....put into a calculator anyone can use. It's a simple aid for determining a tanks armour thickness and will be of interest or use to maybe 2% of the players.


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