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Default Re: I'm Not Dead Yet

I don't get bunnies. I've been playing this game for months, and they have always been amongst my top five irritants. For the life of me, I cannot understand why anyone would feel good about them.

- They are likely to be acquired as a target, even when they are more dangerous enemies around, thus forcing you to use extra keystrokes to do what you need.
- They often stand next to things that you need to shoot, when you have a AOE weapon, thus making you choose between wasting a turn and generating infamy.
- They often happen to block your shortest path to the shuttle, making you waste turns walking around them or killing them.
- They are one of the two sources of infamy that cannot be avoided no matter how careful you are, unless you are willing to endanger your crew. (The other is losing crew to a disease in space, when you roll really badly)
- Once in a blue moon, they actually are hostile, so you get to shoot them with impunity... But that happens too seldom - so you can neither sate your lust for rabbit slaughter, nor learn to watch for the firebreathers - theoretically, they can endanger your crew.
- And finally, they are absolutely bloody useless.

The should be an achievement for killing a thousand of the pests. And a "Muah-ha-ha" sound effect when you blow one of them up. Infamy be damned!
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